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Voltere – Blog 1

      As a year passes since the lockdown started in mid March 2020, it is with fond and mixed feelings like everyone else, do we at D-ESPAT look back at our fairly modest projects executed in this unprecedented times.
When, the city was a ghost town and mobility to work , a ordeal with government regulations ,the only thing that kept us motivated was the very sheer size of the battery & the environment for which it is to built – A 17.5 KWHr, Marine grade solution (a).

We have already done a showcase on this,
Please see the video link here.

15 Minutes AUV webinar ( January 6 2021)

Another couple of interesting unmanned vehicle projects done for a industrial A.G.V(b)and high voltage UPS Backup energy storage (c),had their own demands of that were intriguing to the point of frustration , not from a technology or build perspective but the simple lack of logistics and procurement .

As we look up to March 2021 & beyond, we see hope and the tingling desire to seek & solve challenging projects of our clients which we will try at every opportunity to excite & delight then with our solutions ………..integratable , ready ,fit & execute !